Lesson 2 – Function Calls with Parameters

Welcome to the second part of the tutorial, where we’ll take a deep dive into more complex function calls with parameters, and also look at providing ChatGPT with more than one function at the same time. We will even call multiple functions at the same time within a single ChatGPT call.

Course Update Notice

With many recent OpenAI API changes, this chapter had become outdated and needed updates. While the rest of this course you’re taking right now is also an updated version with the newest syntax, this current chapter 2 already exists in updated form in another course on the recent OpenAI API updates. Instead of duplicating the updated version here, possibly causing confusion, we have chosen to simply link you to the different course for this one chapter.

Make sure you come back here after you finish the single chapter in the link, as parts 3-6 of the course will be located here again! Perhaps bookmark this page or save the link somewhere so you can easily continue to chapter 3 afterward.

Make a folder named ‘2_Parallel_function_calling‘ in the project folder you are already working in, and put the code in there.

  • Go to the following address [https://academy.finxter.com/course/parallel-function-calling/] for the updated chapter 2, the name is OpenAI Parallel Function Calling.
  • It will tell you to make a folder numbered 1 and instruct you to make the .env file you already made, just ignore these instructions and use the ‘2_Parallel_function_calling‘ folder you just made to put the code in there instead.
  • You can just follow the code as instructed in the video in the other course.
  • Make sure to come back here after you finish the single chapter at the link location, as the rest of that other course has a completely different topic, and you need to come back here if you want to continue with the rest of this course. (Naturally, feel free to take the other course as well, it has a lot of other cool stuff in there!)