Smart Contracts Under Attack!






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Solidity is the programming language of the future because it allows you to create software that runs on top of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)! 

This course will teach you the eight most common ways hackers use to penetrate smart contracts. By studying them, you'll become a better Solidity coder, computer scientist, and security engineer.

But more importantly, you'll create a skill worth millions of USD to crypto L1 and L2 technologies:

One famous hack that occurred in 2016 was the Ethereum DAO attack leading to losses of $60 million. The name of the hack is "Reentrancy attack" and it is covered in the course too!

Polish your security skills, become a better Blockchain developer, and build yourself a valuable skill for the next 100 years of Ethereum and Blockchain proliferation!

Smart Contracts Under Attack!


About the teacher

Yogesh Kulkarni

Yogesh is a senior software engineer with 10+ years experience in Software design, coding, testing and product development and software development knowledge in embedded systems and IoT. He focuses on the complete software development cycle, including design, coding, testing, continuous integration/delivery, and DevOps.

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