Computer Science

Creating a Grandmaster-Level Chess Puzzle-Rush Bot in Python

6 Lessons Intermediate

About this course

Yes, we all know that learning the basic Python language elements is important. 

But how to put everything together when creating a practical project? How to publish your own project on GitHub and make it available to the world? How to build your portfolio of practical projects you can use to apply to BigTech companies such as Google, Amazon, or Facebook?

In this hands-on Python course, French master programmer Clément explains his super interesting GitHub project of a chess puzzle bot that plays at Grandmaster level - from start to finish. 

Not only will you glimpse in the thinking of a Python master and improve your Python skills in practice, you'll also learn how to set up your own successful projects and build a portfolio of exciting code projects on GitHub.


Course Structure


Creating the Main File


Making It OOP