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Are you ready to build a powerful Q&A ChatGPT Chatbot to explore a document such as, say, the US Army field manual or any other text data and PDFs? Look no further! Our course, "Creating a High-Performance ChatGPT Chatbot with Python in 1 Lesson," is perfect for you.

🌟 What You Will Learn 🌟

In this course, you'll discover how to build a simple, high-performance Q&A ChatGPT Chatbot with less than 100 lines of code. We'll walk you through using advanced technologies such as ChatGPT, Pinecone, and Langchain while building your chatbot.

🔥 Course Highlights 🔥

  1. Build a ChatGPT Chatbot with less than 100 lines of code.
  2. Utilize powerful technologies like ChatGPT, Pinecone, and Langchain.
  3. Learn how to integrate APIs into your Chatbot.
  4. Gain insights into the vector database and similarity search.

💡 Course Outline 💡

✅ Step 1: Sign up for the ChatGPT and PineCone APIs.

✅ Step 2: Select a PDF, Text File, or URL for your Chatbot to work with.

✅ Step 3: Convert your PDF file to a text file (if needed).

✅ Step 4: Follow along with our Google Colab to load your data into Pinecone vector database.

✅ Step 5: Write the ChatBot code using Langchain, Pinecone, and OpenAI.

✅ Step 6: Understand how the code works and its components.

🌐 Extend Your Chatbot 🌐

Once you've completed this course, you'll have a high-performance ChatGPT Chatbot that you can easily extend to be a web chatbot or a desktop application.

💼 In-Demand Skills 💼

As the military and various industries embrace chatbots, the demand for skilled developers in this area is skyrocketing. By taking this course, you'll be at the forefront of this cutting-edge technology and well-prepared for a rewarding career.

📚 Additional Resources 📚

We'll also provide you with in-depth links and resources to help you learn more about the technologies used in this course, such as ChatGPT, Pinecone, and Langchain.

🎯 Enroll Now! 🎯

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to learn how to create a high-performance ChatGPT Chatbot with Python in just 1 lesson. Sign up today and start building your own powerful chatbot!

👑 Certificate 👑

Certify your ChatGPT skills to your current or future employer or freelancing clients to maximize your earning potential. Everybody is looking for skilled ChatGPT coders and prompt engineers these days!

Creating a High-Performance Extensible ChatGPT Chatbot in 1 Lesson


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About the teacher

Kevin MacNeel

Kevin is a seasoned financial and data engineer with a proven track record of developing successful financial and inventory applications for large organizations. His expertise lies in creating powerful dashboards, reports, and databases that enhance business operations and improve efficiency. Kevin excels in working with cross-functional teams and is well-versed in SQL databases, Power BI, SSRS reporting services, and web application technologies, including JavaScript, C#, and .NET. As a proficient user of Azure for databases, functions, and web applications, Kevin's ultimate goal is to put crucial data at your fingertips, driving growth and optimizing your business processes.

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