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Have you ever wished for a one-stop place to find all the humor you need, created by using cutting-edge technology?  

Wish no more! 😂

In this course, we dive deep into the world of web development and machine learning to build Giggle - a comprehensive joke search engine.

Under the expert guidance of Dirk Van Meerveld, you'll master Python, Django, HTML, and ChatGPT. Dirk is a passionate full-stack web developer with extensive experience in both frontend React development and backend Django development. Dirk's teaching style revolves around his love for what he does and his passion for seeing his students succeed.

Course Content

🤖 Lesson 1 - Basic Setup
Get started with the basic setup and understanding the architecture of the project.

🤖 Lesson 2 - Implementing the ChatGPT API
Take a deep dive into implementing ChatGPT API to generate jokes based on user input.

🤖 Lesson 3 - Django ORM & Data Saving
Discover how to leverage Django's ORM capabilities to save data effectively.

🤖 Lesson 4 - Separate History Route & Delete Items
Learn to create separate routes for viewing history and deleting items.

🤖 Lesson 5 - Implementing Pagination
Master the implementation of pagination to navigate through the joke history.

🤖 Lesson 6 - ChatGPT Productivity & LLM Security
Understand how to use ChatGPT effectively and explore security aspects of large language models.

At the end of the course, you will be able to download your personalized PDF course certificate 🎓📃 with your name on it. 🥳👨‍🎓👩‍🎓

Each lesson includes a roughly half-hour video and an explainer article to deepen your understanding of the concepts discussed.

If you are eager to combine the power of humor with technology and love to learn by doing, then this course is for you! Join Dirk as he guides you through the process of creating a joke search engine from scratch.

Who knows? Your next project might just be a hit at the next family gathering, party, or social event!

Follow the laughter! Follow the learning! Join us today!

Giggle - Creating a Joke Search Engine from Scratch with ChatGPT


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About the teacher

Dirk Van Meerveld

Dirk is a passionate Python and full-stack web developer with substantial experience in backend Django, Python, JavaScript and frontend React development.

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