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Master the Future of AI: Prompt Engineering with Python and OpenAI

🌍 Imagine a world where your applications can understand and respond to complex queries, suggest highly relevant content, and analyze sentiments from data sources like social media. A world where your software could comprehend human language just like us. 🧑‍💻

Welcome to the revolutionary field of Prompt Engineering powered by Python and OpenAI! 🚀🐍

We present our comprehensive course - "Prompt Engineering with Python and OpenAI", designed to elevate your skillset and take you on a transformative journey into the next generation of AI applications.

With a deep dive into OpenAI embeddings, text similarity, and practical web, media, and sentiment analysis projects, this course is your ticket to the forefront of AI innovation.

Benefits and Learning Outcomes 👩‍💻

By enrolling in our Mastering Prompt Engineering course, you'll enjoy a range of benefits and achieve the following learning outcomes:

🌟 You'll gain a deep understanding of prompt engineering concepts and techniques, positioning you as an expert in the field.

🌟 You'll develop the ability to effectively utilize and manipulate language models, giving you a competitive edge in the AI-driven job market.

🌟 You'll acquire a high-income, future-proof skill set that can be applied across various industries and job roles.

🌟 You'll enhance your problem-solving abilities by learning advanced techniques to unlock the full potential of language models.

🌟 You'll boost your professional credibility and confidence in working with AI and language models.

🌟 You'll 10x your productivity as a coder, content creator, or white-collar professional by leveraging ChatGPT, Python, and powerful LLMs.

🌟 You'll be able to join the Finxter Discord Mastermind Group and gain access to a supportive community of like-minded professionals and AI enthusiasts to help you grow and thrive in your career.

Upon completing this course, you will be well-equipped to excel in the field of artificial intelligence and showcase your expertise in prompt engineering, ultimately leading to new and exciting career opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions 💬

Q: What is the format of the Prompt Engineering with Python and OpenAI course?

A: The course consists of 23 video lectures, each between 10 and 25 minutes, showing practical prompting ideas and techniques that will help solidify your understanding of the material.

Q: Are there any prerequisites for this course?

A: While there are no strict prerequisites for taking this course, having a basic understanding of programming concepts and some experience with coding would be beneficial. Familiarity with artificial intelligence concepts is a plus but not required.

Having gone through the Mastering Prompt Engineering Course (free for premium members like you) will be of great help!

Q: How long will it take to complete the course?

A: The course is designed to be completed at your own pace. Students can complete the course in less than four weeks, dedicating a few hours per week to the material. However, you can adjust your learning speed according to your schedule and needs.

Q: Will I receive a certificate upon completing the course?

A: Yes, upon successful completion of this and each Academy course, you will receive a digital certificate that you can showcase on your professional profiles, such as LinkedIn. Many Finxters have reported that they used their personalized course certificates to successfully apply for jobs and freelancing gigs.

Q: What technical requirements are necessary for this course?

A: You will need a computer with internet access to access the course material. The course is compatible with most modern browsers and operating systems.

Q: Can I access the course content after completing the course?

A: Yes, you can access this and all past, present, and future Finxter Academy courses as long as you are enrolled in the Finxter premium membership.

Q: Is there any support available if I have questions or need help during the course?

A: Absolutely! We have a dedicated support team and a community of fellow learners to help you with any questions or challenges you may encounter during the course.

Q: How do I access the Discord Mastermind Group?

A: The Finxter Discord Mastermind Group is a group of ambitious and like-minded individuals, small business owners, tech enthusiasts, and programmers in various levels and stages of their careers. The goal is to go farther together as a swarm. All Finxter Premium Members have access to the group. The group invitation link will be shared with you in the welcome email when joining the Finxter premium membership.

Q: Which GPT Version Is This For?

A: This course teaches advanced principles, prompts, and techniques that are relevant to all kinds of LLMs. For many videos, the GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models were used but changing the model in your own applications is as easy as selecting it from a dropdown.

Q: Can I check out the first lesson to see if it is for me?

A: Okay, I'll add the first video lesson here:

First Lesson Video (Sample) ▶️

👨‍💻 Module 1: Embeddings

  1. OpenAI Embeddings: Start your journey with an introduction to OpenAI embeddings and understand the essential aspects of their functionality.
  2. Compare Text Similarity with Text-Embedding-ADA-02: Learn how to compare and analyze text similarity using cutting-edge tools.

👨‍💻 Module 2: Webpage Query Project

Delve into a comprehensive, practical project revolving around webpage queries.

  1. Semantic Search: Learn why semantic search has an edge over traditional search methods.
  2. Web Page Scraping: Get hands-on experience in scraping web pages for relevant data.
  3. Embeddings Cost Calculation: Understand how to calculate embedding costs for effective AI application development.
  4. Saving Embeddings: Learn to save and retrieve embeddings for future use.
  5. Querying Embeddings: Master the art of querying embeddings for information retrieval.
  6. Streamlit Web App for Semantic Search: Build your first Streamlit web app to implement semantic search.

👨‍💻 Module 3: Movie Recommendation Project

Develop a robust movie recommendation system based on OpenAI.

  1. Creating an Embedding Cache: Learn to create an efficient embedding cache for your recommendation system.
  2. Tiktoken & Its Use case: Explore Tiktoken and its role in enhancing your project.
  3. Clustering & Visualization of Movie Data: Dive into clustering techniques and learn to visualize movie data.
  4. Creating Recommendations from Strings: Use string data to generate recommendations.
  5. Generating Movie Titles: Apply your skills to generate new movie titles based on existing data.

👨‍💻 Module 4: Trader Sentiment Analysis Project

Leverage AI to analyze trader sentiments from social media.

  1. Twitter Account Scraping: Acquire data by scraping Twitter accounts.
  2. Creating a Tweets Dataframe: Learn to organize your data in a structured format.
  3. Displaying the Tweets Dataframe on User Interface: Enhance your UI skills by displaying your data frame.
  4. Acquiring Sentiments for the Last Week: Learn to analyze and acquire sentiments from the past week's data.
  5. Displaying Analyzed Sentiments in a Dataframe: Display your analyzed sentiments in a structured format.
  6. Visualizing Analyzed Data in a Plot: Learn data visualization techniques to present your analyzed data.
  7. Super Fast Data Analysis with Pandas AI: Conclude your journey with a module on rapid data analysis using Pandas AI.

Why Choose This Course?

Our "Prompt Engineering with Python and OpenAI" course will enable you to:

  • Gain hands-on experience with practical projects
  • Learn directly from leading experts in the field
  • Become part of the growing AI industry
  • Get the skills to build AI applications
  • Build credibility in the proliferating LLM field of prompt engineering
  • Download your course certificate (PDF) with your name on it to showcase to your future employers or clients

Enroll Now!

Stand on the frontier of AI innovation. Master the science and application of Prompt Engineering with our comprehensive course. Be the architect of the AI-powered future. Start the course now!

Prompt Engineering with Python and OpenAI


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Webpage Query Project

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Movie Recommendation Project

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Trader Sentiment Analysis

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Pandas AI Data Analysis

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Yassin Mahmud is an AI enthusiast and content creator in the exponential technology space. Driven by his passion for distributed technology, he switched to the blockchain sector from the MERN stack development. When Yassin is not writing, he can be found walking along the beaches or touring spectacular travel destinations.

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    Hi Yassin et al,
    In the Movie Recomendation Project, you use the privat dataset -my_movie.csv- .
    Can you make this dataset accessible, to use it locally on my pc.
    I have tried to search for a similar dataset on the internet.
    I looked everywhere, but could not find a suitable one.
    Awesome course, hope to hear from you.
    Thanks Jac, jcbs46@hotmaildotcom

    1. Thanks, Jac, I have asked Yassin and added the two files “movies.csv” and “my_movies.csv” to the first lesson of the “Movie Recommendation” project in this course.

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