Non-Hyped Exploration: A Practical Developer's Guide to Using ChatGPT for Arcade Game Development

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  • Non-Hyped Exploration: A Practical Developer's Guide to Using ChatGPT for Arcade Game Development





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Course Overview 💡

Embark on a transformative journey from skepticism to conviction about the potential of ChatGPT in the fascinating world of arcade game development.

'Non-Hyped Exploration: A Practical Developer's Guide to Using ChatGPT for Arcade Game Development' is a hands-on course that offers a comprehensive, no-nonsense approach to understanding and using AI-driven development tools in a practical context.

This course will offer you key insights and lessons from a developer's personal exploration of ChatGPT, equipping you with the knowledge and skills needed to create your own interactive games using this groundbreaking technology.

But most importantly, it'll give you new ideas and prompting techniques to use ChatGPT in your own developer work, thereby boosting your productivity potential by an order of magnitude! 🧑‍🚀

What You Will Learn

👉 Unbiased insights into the practicality of ChatGPT in game development.

👉 Step-by-step guidance on how to use ChatGPT for software development work, even if you're a non-programmer.

👉 Tried and tested best practices for using ChatGPT effectively.

👉 The developer's real-world experience and lessons learned from using ChatGPT as both a naive user and a knowledgeable programmer.

👉 Strategies for broadening the use of ChatGPT beyond game development and integrating it into your everyday programming life.

Who Should Take This Course 👩‍💻👨‍💻

Whether you are a seasoned developer, a non-programmer, a game enthusiast, or an AI-technology curious learner, this course offers something for everyone. If you want to understand the realistic potential of ChatGPT and are interested in building interactive games, then this course is definitely for you.

If you're already a full-fledged expert in ChatGPT and prompting, the course may be too simple for you and you should focus on more advanced courses such as Mastering Prompt Engineering or Creating a High-Performance Extensible ChatGPT Chatbot in 1 Lesson.

Course Outline 🗒️

  1. From Skeptic to Advocate: My Initial Encounter with ChatGPT
  2. Hands-On with ChatGPT: Programming a Web-Based Lunar Lander Game as a Non-Programmer
  3. Adjusting Strategies: Naive User's Second Attempt at Building a Game with ChatGPT
  4. ChatGPT Meets Python: Leveraging Language Model for Coding as a Knowledgeable Programmer
  5. The Transition: Key Takeaways, Best Practices, and Broadening the Use of ChatGPT

Instructor's Note 🖊️

As a developer who has traversed the journey from skepticism to conviction about ChatGPT, course teacher Aaron is eager to share his first-hand experiences and insights with you. This course is designed to not just teach you how to use ChatGPT, but to illustrate the realistic capabilities and limitations of AI in game development. No hype, just practical lessons and guidance.

Investment and Guarantee 🚀 

You will receive full access to all course materials on the Finxter Academy and future updates. If you find the course does not meet your expectations within the first 30 days, a full refund will be provided. No questions asked.

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Non-Hyped Exploration: A Practical Developer's Guide to Using ChatGPT for Arcade Game Development


About the teacher

Aaron Glatzer

I'm an experienced engineer training to become a deep learning practitioner. Though I am new to the deep learning field I have 32 years' experience as a microelectronics process engineer (think "making computer chips"), so I have a solid foundation of creating technical solutions, communicating, and making sure customers are happy.

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